Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment- from £99 short - £109 long/thick hair.

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See the enormous change your hair will experience after treatment with the
Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment, Brazilian Blow Dry, also known as Brazilian Blowout
Tenth anniversary offer Mondays with Becky and Thursdays with Melissa or Gavin
£99 short - £109
long/thick hair.
Normal price £140.00 - short - £150 long/thick hair.
Special Keratin Shampoo 320ml £24.99 per bottle
Before Brazilian Blow Dry with Keratin Hair
Straightening treatment
After Brazilian Blow Dry with Keratin Hair
Straightening treatment
Brazilian Blow dry effect
Effect with Brazilian Blow Dry Keratin Hair
Straightening treatment

Smooth Your Way to Success
     Shiny, smooth and healthy hair
    1. Soft manageable hair in four simple steps.
    2. An advanced treatment method, one of the most efficient and quickest in the world
    3. The Keratin method works to repair and nourish your hair
    4. Impressive success with damaged, lightened, coloured, highlighted and blond hair as well
    5. Complete treatment available at Gavin’s Hair Studio with  Keratin shampoo's and conditioners in stock
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